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With an outstanding background as a professional in traveling business and over 5 years of traveling experience, CT brings the expertise to your door step, helping you achieve your dream in getting you to your desired country!


We are very dynamic in our dealing and attend to our numerous clients with a professional touch, not just providing quality and successful service but also market our self in our dealing. And this has been a major marketing strategy for us because the more success our clients get the more referral we also get at CT.


Our commitment in actualizing our client's dream is second-to-none as we value everyone who approaches us via mail, phone-call, social media or one-on-one contact and give every bit of information you require so as to get you satisfied.

CT is more than a travel agency, as our target and aim are of high standard. We have different offers for different services such Gold, Premium and Standard packages which help us nurture our clients with the best hands.


We render our services to Organizations, Government parastatals, Companies, Individual, Friends and Family who want our service(s).

What some of our past clients say:  
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